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I'm a menace to society but teaching inside of me wishing I can let it out screw hi Nick when it's my time the ticker with the rap games and I'm bringing it back the ways you're supposed to grab that mic and let your voice in that track hey you better believe when I'm dropping the mic and make it you see I'm taking a beat over when it's deeper than me I'm turning a beast in no one will ever see it coming when I get going when I run a beat like a tank blowing up so take a seat as a blur with there is that mismo rise when I send the sound of up foods I write the mic every second of it I bet you get goosebumps miss out on rest when I'm rapping just set in smart place and hip hop the saying this is my time to get the spotlight busting my rhymes I'm so when saying I'm crazy enough to bang a snake's mouth while its fangs sinker to my dick like a penis rank I know I'm sick in the head I show with a bit when I float on the spit on a mic a coach what you get when the hawk a loogie and I rock a beat like a cock and booty under the sheets I'm not a dude to be overlooked cuz it's hot when I speak on an instrumental I'll drop the heat now whenever I think about it I'm fed up with the question what if I never picked up the mic and let my emotions to settle with the fact that no one cared to never peddle my rap that people even when I do they take as crap so we'll have to leave you thinking if I give them my chance baby this crazy man's rhymes can make me a fan let's take some time then listen maybe give my attention when I'm on the instrumental imma show my power with you a beat like a tornado that hit you out of nowhere I met you tear shit up with a flow so where it's the best thing you've ever heard enough on time and mix the hairs on your arms rise here we go that gives us but that rum zero and then hoping tell me what they said because I'm beginning to throw that pay and screw it the trust can have it I know the end is coming for me good pretend there's no way I'm giving up a win I do it's so fake I intend to show the world there's no role play until the truth when I vent the feelings I'm having and help us set the right message blab enough mouth you get the hit it's sad for the mouth then with rap for now like the time cat that ran off they came back to me out if you show him like a lion not hungry the feast will not beat like a treat and my lungs are out of air I know it's not fair the people that would love me even though I could be a damn legend and I should be sixteen years of me stepping to the mic it took me to get better comment down below if you're really listening to what I'm saying when I go on a beat when I'm spitting him lyrics that blow up like a bomb I explode instrumentals or sizzling cos I'm the fire there grows and not desire like Moses to be the hottest you can imagine as God is my witness my passions to be a dragon spit flames on the mic so call me a human match cos when I strike not slacking on turning it beast that ass like I'm pouring some gasoline and sparking my lighter I'm the master while bringing heat when I start to ignite your ass will be sweating like some coals when you're set on fire expect your clothes to be wet or cuz the mic as my torch I using the spit fire balls I bring the scores like the Sun could be the entire fall of me and I'm just getting warmed up sure believe this sighs the Lord warned you pastor Michael Phil Vischer began and I'm back when I wrapped it above the pin go badass for the food that chance and show my skill do not beat I am fire with a feeling that burn so high up the sky your turn black to the pile of stones blocking the Sun for miles you better believe but I'm making you understand our owner might like a dog with a bone chewing it alone you get you close I've known that but that's not a one and that's a fact that I'm a loner on a beat and I'll check like I've got rabies in my blood and I snapped mr psychotic looking to get you when I got a knife in my hand meant to stop you from breathing I'm toxic stay away from me not good for your health but dropping pause and then I bought a suit I'll leave you right there like a pile of fruit abandon to understand when I'm rapping on my cannon mr

explosion gosh damn it the TNT when it's lit I bring the damage I bring the heat I bring the heat I bring the heat I bring the heat does one of meets me get to when their hair turns my dreams too big you're gonna stick it that's an earthworm oh sorry did that just slip out what you calling me a liar you want me to whip it out I'm meeting these words it feeding flies a turd buzz buzz buzz me moving like a pickup truck that batters motherfu to pick the mic up son MCS like you're one on my butt wipe it off with the wet lies the flatline pester might watch me read play for the last time about the first out first get the word out and the mercy verses go down I'm a cursed child burn the earth down on the mess around when I Spit it's crazy is read I don't give it they give you split not even the bitch I'm the best at this on this mic come let my flow catching the ears like it's a balmy you talk a lot of you just like to fly dive in it pretend it's a cow pie now lie to me that you when you wet your liver some morphine then the prostitutes crack speaking of that I had your mom last night she was real tight so I had to tap it more than twice mess with me you would see sting you like a puppy no I'm the humble ready to rhumble make you tumble throw a knuckle stretch stuff like plane crashes you lame bastards hit you like a time I'm the rat is crazy bastard spit flames when I'm rapping mr dragon you can you feel me when I bring the heat on laughing taking you out of a time you mess with me haulin acid look anyone every time I start to speak not happening you taking me down for the feet it's time to be your real rapper to the fake MCS well bitch-slap you cuz if you win we'll send you my nightcap putting everyone to sleep with your fate traps it's time to be radical mr estatic when grabbing the mic I'm a savage my tag Nestor catastrophic reppin Tar Pits I'm badass no matter of the magical realms are patting this rap and I got it in me to be the modern-day gladiator a fear pop scattering haters a rip when I Spit lots of venomous Riverside Drive drop on the track like a drunk slob sucking the fact how you breathe irate that competition like a missile while not giving the warning will not drop I hit you but some like a metaphor my nice upended when I'm on my comment up to be the best damn it so here the spotlight to me I'm forever but Neverland and better whenever I get better be – raucous bitch steady rate measured written lyrics of revolutionize the you say you might not capacitor towards the who can user watch to be more useful in times the human type are using my words the booster message I'm sending but testing when I listen I hope I get a response as best friend I spend their time they hear it it's a blessing appearing on an instrumental I'm a dude that brings the ruckus on my mic and who can muster rep around the bus when I'm such a moody must when I'm after you sir hush when I'm gonna be done by yah I can sodomy is a sonic boom undecided tell their story possessed obsessed with Raptor the rest has grub time I can do best and never put it down to the past I'm always found near it so will you hear this voice it's clear that I never avoid the NA portunity the – sada butan be better than you can prove to be at least most of you who can see the flow but can't in trying to sell coffee doesn't in CB that got me ripping the crock of rockers who mocked the game just stop pretending to drop the flames your lyrics a dollar blaze did not pop okay here I go trying to make this rap phenomenal when I can I'll try to show my rhymes ago but then you guys try to pretend that I'm a ghost besides the fact that I bestow my talent may they shine that girl but do you listen really even when I've risen from the bottom of YouTube gotta mention the bitches that get more views than me get your attention more birthday you assume that beat showed up with a blow-up screw on the route to me taking the spotlight for themself we're not pursuing dreams to to thumbs up your Giants and you can suck my to plop nuts when I'm sweaty and kind of smelly to boots all I got I'm through alright good

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