DJ Akademiks: Hip Hop’s Scapegoat

What’s poppin yall; I’ve been a little critical of akademiks in the past, not too much, and I’ve also given him some praise like I try to do for almost everyone He’s sort of become the punching bag for a lot of rap fans and media outlets ever since he got on everyday struggle and it got worse when he let Joe budden leave

Now I had NO idea everyday struggle still existed, ever since STAR left I thought it was a dead show and akademiks was just back to doing his own stuff since he was uploading normally but it’s still going on which just goes to show how much of a failure it has been and how successful joe budden has been; couldn’t have expected either Now I think this hate is propagated by other media outlets because well… akademiks gets more traction than all of them and he’s one person that they can also put a face to The same thing happens with vlad he gets a lot of criticism because his face or identity is attached to the brand; when it comes to blogs, you don’t even know who owns it, it’s like a storefront so they don’t really get the blame from people because they don’t know WHO as in an individual to blame Now I’m not here to defend akademiks; I’m here to analyze the arguments that his detractors be using against him and see if they hold up or if they’re just selective The tweet goes “I cant wait for the day @IamAkademiks starts taking responsibility for his platform contributing to the negative energy befalling the people around him

@Wayno119 tried to make him see it but of course ak wont acknowledge the part he plays” This tweet is really weird because who is around akademiks that’s falling? We don’t even know who he hangs out with; the only rapper close to him really is 6ix9ine and likely what this person was alluding to, but it was shown that 6ix9ine’s inner circle is who robbed him so how can he be blamed for that? Not to mention akademiks has constantly talked to 6ix9ine about being against all this tough guy and antagonizing people online in damn near every video and he doesn’t listen Besides, 6ix9ine doing pretty well for himself, he’s going on a world tour with Nicki Minaj and Drake, there’s no way goons are getting past that kind of security Now for akademiks platform; he has 15M followers on instagram and almost 2M on his youtube channel

From a numbers perspective that’s hardly as influential as this person gives him credit for but he definitely has A LOT of reach that the numbers don’t do it justice There is also the crowd that constantly criticizes akademiks that he should post “positive” content or Meek Mill saying he’s a “mumble rap promo” page I’m not going to say it’s whatever page he wants it to be because that’s obvious but it’s also whatever page YOU made it You don’t think he sees the engagement on the posts of “positivity” he does and the ones that are “negative”? One clearly performs better than the other and whoever is telling someone to post a certain type of content should just do it themselves and see how well they can build it The responsibility part is what made me laugh the most and screams of hypocrisy to the HIGHEST degree

How can akademiks be responsible not only for other people’s actions but he constantly speaks AGAINST it He’s against drugs I don’t even think he smokes weed he just sips on alcohol, he’s against all that gang stuff, encourages calling the police, tells people to avoid real beef It sounds like what his beliefs are align with what the average citizen would consider “good” Now he’s a content aggregator; he posts what’s popular in rap and what rappers say MAY have an influence on the people listening And if akademiks was supposed to be posting positive stuff, meek mill sure as hell wouldn’t be on there with some of his lyrics if we’re being fair

What they’ve done is SKIPPED the rappers that are saying and demonstrating all these things and jumped right to akademiks to blame him I made a video a WHILE ago called should rappers take responsibility; you should definitely watch it, it’s in the description and in the cards I talk about it more in depth but to sum it up if you’re going to blame anyone for violence or negativity then you should be blaming the rappers but they’re always the ones that are conveniently absolved of any blame when it comes to this Similar thing with vladtv interviews, people blaming djvlad for asking rappers QUESTIONS, it’s not his fault what comes out of their mouth they can just not answer like many have before Wayno is a manager I believe; I don’t know who he manages but if any of the rappers he does manage talk about shooting people, violence, or promoting drugs then he shouldn’t be saying a word about this topic

Not to mention akademiks channel is a news channel based on satire so he’s in part joking and a reporter Imagine going to CNN or BBC and saying; you guys are responsible for these wars going on in whatever country; you reporting on all this conflict brings negative energy that is befalling all the countries surrounding this conflict You sound nuts; news sources aren’t crafting the actions of these people, as far as we know, they’re just collecting and reporting on what has already happened It seems like people are jumping at any opportunity to scapegoat akademiks and pin blame on him It’s kind of disgusting because they tried to do it with XXXtentacion’s death before any information had been released and when it was announced it was a regular robbery that went south people didn’t feel any shame to back off or anything no… They took the opportunity to jump and blame him for the robbery that happened to 6ix9ine where he could have definitely been killed too before any information is released

And then when it’s found out it’s his crew members that did it to him they’ll just stay quiet, lurking, waiting for another bad event to befall a rapper and try to pin blame on him These people are as negative as they consider akademiks to be, but this is what happens when you’re an independent news outlet that shows your face for a music base that is very fickle in their thinking If you won’t hold rappers responsible for their influence on listeners, fine, but don’t put blame on people just posting what rappers say My question is; since both of these cases have been debunked as having NOTHING to do with akademiks, do you think he’s to blame for anything bad that has happened? And if so what is it? The only thing I will definitely say is boonk gang, that was entirely akademiks creation he would have been gone a month after he blew up if akademiks didn’t keep posting him Like and subscribe and hit that notification bell if you enjoyed, thank you for watching, peace!

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